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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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around the ear. it's not the tenderloin. we're building a shelter where we don't need it we don't see the homeless on the streets like in other neighborhood. our neighborhoods don't building there's a 2 hundred and 50 percent homeless increase which is pruptd. it looks like we're moving homeless out down into bayview. it's the further corner of the city in an area that's not good to house people. it's a warehouse surrounded by businesses using chemicals and tractors and it's not safe. under any circumstances it's not going to rehabilitate people. so, you know, please keep that in mind. i think you'll see this is not
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an area where this is going to make sense. we ask you not accept the loan or look at the location where it's predetermined. you may be able to accept this money but not a specific location >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is al can and i'm an 8 year resident. there's no reason to building that bayview nodes more homeless beds and number two we ask the budget committee strip the name from the resolution. number 3 we request that the resolution be tabled to allow for further investigation of the actual homeless count. the hope sf proposal was not discussed with any merchant group or advocacy group.
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community input was given and has been go forward every time we've given it two years after the fact of the grant submission. bayview is a caring and compassionate community we've shelled the indigent. we have 17 food pantries and a method done clinic. we also have the largest population of children under the age of 18. think for a moment what that means. just take a moment to think about the method when you concentrate social blight in one
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neighborhood. you don't matter you are saying to children. you matter less than the people in nova valley and out in the sunset. to reiterate we ask that the budget committee strip the location of the proposed shelter from the grant proposal. we request that the resolution be tabled to allow for further investigation and bayview doesn't need more homeless beds i ask you spend a week at my house gentlemen >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon sorry. good afternoon, supervisors i'm jonathan jermaine. i'm going to talk about why bayview doesn't node more homeless bed. this is the naivete homeless count it claims there were 11
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how plus homeless shelters. we went to the agencies and investigative decision and got the tally shots. we counted them and 1 thousand down to 3 hundred and 57. that's a gigantic discrepancy. we ask it be sent to the government accountability board to be investigated. in addition there are a few facts that were not told. we have contacted the organization that gave the grants and it can be moved. all the city has to do is write a letter it's in the blue packet in front of you.
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and it was stated that the agency intends to have an open process. the documents that were given to the state to get this grant suggests otherwise and that's in our packet as well. the city has been obliged to fund it for 10 years. we're asking that this proposal be tabled and that the address and neighborhood information be stripped from the resolution. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> one and one, two. here you go, sir >> we're back to the original mike. >> i don't have to go over the math.
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we already service over 80 people. the beds are for people who stay in chairs and it's an extension for services we provide. it's not going to bring homeless from downtown who are already there. another thing bayview been hit and a foreclosures. and this lady is homeless, too, and there's another woman named sailing and she's 54 years old. it's another thing the denims they made made me sick to my stomach. a lot of homeless do work. that's why some of them are not here. i'm a lifelong resident of bayview. wore right across the street from houses. right across the street so their
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exaggerating. it's where the stroil industrial and businesses are. it's a co- house that's a marijuana house. their cannabis clubs around the areas. and this guy has chemicals in his house and his house is right across the street and their protesting people. come on now. let's do the math we're trying to stipend our building. if wisp trying to have it on third street they'd call it blight. this is like justification this is a justification issue and behind closed doors i've been shown e-mails about removing the black label off bayview because
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everybody who is caucasian is not for that. so it's not just been black people but fellow foreign people who want to remove the label off bayview. bayview needs a shelter and a downtown already has one >> thank you. next speaker, please . and as the next speaker comes up let me call a few other speakers (calling names) >> hello, i'm the director of hope house for veterans under the united council of human services we have 60 beds. we've outreach in different ways but our most successful veterans come from shelters and for that reason i'm in support of that.
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we take homeless off the street we feed them and they stay in the chairs and beds east it's proven to be successful. currently, we have only 4 available beds operating at a 96 pictures success rate. if i see someone in a tent at night asking for food that's okay >> i'm janet brown and i was born and raised in bayview in district 10. as far back i have had a strong passion to help people less patient than myself. i have a constrained emphasis an
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seniors and adults pr i ask you look at the housing for beds a warm save place for humans liquor us. i see so many people everyday. i wish i could have had a dvd to show you how many homeless people come into envy office and those public comments there are plenty of homeless people in bayview. we're not bringing them they're already there. if you set up outside of all that and think about it you were homeless. the very same things running water, a shower you wake up in the morning you stretch and had a good nights sleep. please, please it's winter and
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it's getting cold >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> islam a bayview resident and mother of two children. let's talk about martin luther king park for a little bit. my daughter is going to swim lessons and enjoying the park and one of the few save save parks in the neighborhood. that will change if there are more people having acholic beverages in front of the park or joining i enjoying the parks themselves go possibly leaving waste other than endanger. i don't want envy daughter to be exposed to that or i taped mayor ed lee's speech at the recent
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off ramp the library and i was so expressed we want to make the bayview a better place. if that's a homeless warehouse the way to go about it making this neighborhood a better neighborhood i don't think so. i would like you to remove the address and location from this grant proposal and table this decision until the community has the chance to have more input. we don't need more homeless beds in the bayview >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm samantha i'm nervous i've never done this before. i used to be homeless for about a year and the only reason i was able to not become homeless was because of the program
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affordable housing. and i don't see that here. i think that there. >> need for more homeless shelters it's not in the bayview but it needs to be open for discussion as to whereabouts in the city and there's got to be more programs on the homeless for them. so that's all i have to is. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors good afternoon. i'm robert i'm a bayview resident. i'm here to express my opposition to the homeless shelter. i was going to talk about the 17 month lapse the deplete and the deception. i'm going to talk about the dangers of the building.
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within the requirements of safety regulations raw materials used for manufacturing and destruction maybe stored on site and may include chemical and explosive or flammable materials that's unquote. now to remind everybody in 1996 a factory lifted a whole warehouse completely destroyed a complete block and completely destroyed the park which is four blocks away from mother brown's. several people were killed and more than 20 people were injured and the blast stroibd 1 hundred and 25 arts and studios. so which of you is going to make
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the call to the victims' families of a similar blast that god hoping we don't want to happen and which of you is going to say i could have prevented this but i didn't >> thank you. next speaker, please . i'm going to call a few more speakers up (calling names) thank you, ma'am >> thank you for calling me. i'm carl listen. i'm actually a volunteer every week at the soup kitchen. so i. familiar with serving the homes i'm not an advocate but at the same time i'm here to listen to what everyone's saying. the first gentleman that was here he didn't seem quieted
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prepared with the data you know that he has. and putting this homeless warehouse together he didn't even know if there's going to be a kitchen or not. so that alone i guess there's a lack of planning to begin with. there's a rush for this to be implemented because there's a budget. that's was granted by state to the city. that alone i think is not a good thing to act on a especially will i if you don't have a plan i work with catholic charities and they it work hard for serving the poor. i want to volunteer at mother brown's in the near future but at the same time, i think there are better places in bayview if you really want to have this one
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hundred bed shelter for the homeless. i think it has to be planned well, i don't think the location is a good place because of what has been brought on earlier before me. i oppose this. thank you >> tends to prove hyper (calling names). >> ma'am, i think other people have been waiting and i think - >> i spoke to my supervisor. >> i'm asking you to be fair to others if you could please and make sure i'm in there. >> i will thank you. next speaker >> i'm tanya i'm a resident of
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the bayview point for almost 50 years. i'm a marine corp. veteran i served my country and came back to the bayview. if not here y where the homeless are in our neighborhood they deserve the reporter. i'm disappointed that my supervisor is not here she stays long enough to speak but she doesn't work in my area. the people who provide services give their hearts and the people who need the services need expansion. for everyone who speaks and says they have a business we are human beings and we deserve the respect of our neighbors and our
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country and our communities. so is that homeless are going to show up because they have beds no they're there. the police are called by united council because we're not to engaged when criminal attack that were we don't engage. they support the unit council because the united council makes their jobs that much easier. because we take care offer people that are beaten down and destitute. is it may not be today but someday you'll need help and i'm going to call a few more names. the woman from the naacp that was here earlier please come forward (calling names)
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if people can lineup there's more. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm a commissioner for the south east community that is the only commission in the city and county of san francisco that services a neighborhood and that neighborhood would be district 10. i did not come here to educate the new community persons that want to see boyfriend transition but for those of who who don't know most of our district meetings are at 6 o'clock p.m. i've been covering the meeting on an average of 15ometers per month that's the common timeframe that the community meetings are held. if i know about those i suggest you call our southeast at the phone 41 - we have a host of
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other events in our district. on behalf of my being here it's important to recognize that on february 27 of 2013 a resolution was insinuated and passed for our commission in support of the resolution that has been submitted by our mayor ed lee. i'm on a the time combhant i constraint here. after the mayor's office of office of hope the commission at its regular meeting on february 27 unanimously passed a resolution hereby expressing their support in its efforts to convert jen's street into a one hundredhi.
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they already serving 80 people and let those supervisors do what they need to do they've got to get on the mayors housing. their krashthd with this man laws and a market whatever they say but they've got to go. >> thank you and thank you. and thank you, dr. shelton >> it's one of my vivacious so good afternoon again, i apologize but i believe in being heard. i'm dr. shelton and i'm the second vice president of the naacp which has been in san francisco for 91 years. so i'm here to say on above of
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the naacp vote for this if anythingable loan so we can do more for the homeless. all of us in this room and city of san francisco wore one event away from ann homelessness it's called an earthquake. it didn't matter how bigor home is. the earthquake will get i and we must concern ourselves with homeless folks living on the beautiful streets of san francisco. think about the people who we want because they had no shoes until they came across the man
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who had no feet. so supervisors do your best to make this happen for the homeless folks in san francisco and you'll be awarded >> it's not only earthquake but it's ejection issues too (calling names) next speaker. >> my name is gloria i live in the bayview. i am not against the hometowns or homeless shelters i'm actually for it. navigate i think we need more homeless shelters in other
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areas, however, i do have an issue about making those decisions without diagonal with the community. i think that is not the democratic way. and it sets a bad precedent for future issues like this or other issues. so for that reason i don't think - i think you should not vote for this. and again, i want to reiterate that i'm not immense homeless shelters. i'm 80 years old i do have concerned for the elderly. there's going to be a building a low income shelter put into the 59 hundred property which is going to start construction in december so i do have concerned for those elderly too
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm the include of the mull i multiple purchase senior services. i try to live by the thought but for the grace of god go i. i think about the numbers of homeless members that our agency has seen you don't know i don't care if it's 5 hundred a 80 hundred i can argue about the numbers those homeless people are out there and there are many, many homeless seniors who were looking for us for housing who are sleeping in chairs who have a lot of medical issues we have 80 people right now and you're adding 20. when i heard about this how fabulous the city is going to bring a homeless shelter here.
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and we turn around and are against it. the director has found a way and we can work together as a community to among this a great location. it actually is it's two blocks from third street and everybody is saying oh, let's investigate. nobody has anything in hand but this. and we're building this sincerely e senior units and there are more than 20 needing housing. i've been in bayview for 33 years this is a social justice issue. bayview does deserve to have it's homeless shelter >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, islam sandy thomas. i've been in the bayview for
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over 25 years. i've move forward away and came back. i'm an activist i work with the shelters and the community people getting jobs in the community. now i wanted to say that, you know, it's really hard to not accept the homeless where they're at right now. this is a great support because, you know, people with is cancer and people with hiv you've got people with, you know, all kinds of issues and can't even get around and we've got the 54 bus line you know what i'm saying you know, i really almost took over mother brown's by feeding people from my house. i lived at three houses away from the friendlys market i've
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never seen any violence i've been feeding the homeless and i get out there and feed the homeless with mother browns myself. i take folks out to get them jobs. you know, i had moved away and a got robed and came back to san francisco just to be a support for bayview hunters point. it would be crimes all over san francisco but my thing is to get those people off we've got those people moving in we're losing our section 7 of 8 to move to oakland not to be here in the city for you guys to move in and be comfortable.


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